Other IT Solutions

Our teams of it engineers are always ready to take on new tasks that your company has decided to outsource.

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Different situations can arise every day

In the IT field, we are your company's partner and will help you successfully overcome any obstacle that may arise.

  • Accreditations - sometimes accreditation processes or obtaining certain operating authorizations can be difficult or arduous, but this is where we intervene and help you create the necessary documentation and we are with you throughout the authorization process.
  • Configuration - sometimes you have the solution but you don't know the implementation process, so you can outsource and count on us to complete your idea.
  • Design - new project? We are here and we support you fully, just breaf us youre need.
  • Licensing - we provide a various type of licenses for you.

Prepare a Brief of youre project and let's start working together. Send Brief to: office@datamind.ro